History of Anatomical Science
History of Anatomical Science

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Anatomy and Embryology
by Timothy F. Dutra, M.D., M.S., Ph.D.
Medical Examiner: Los Angeles Department of the Coroner
Board Certifications: Anatomic and Clinical Pathology,
Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine, Forensic Pathology
© 2019 Timothy Dutra, text excluding drawings, diagrams, charts,
graphs, photographs, radiographs, graphic and applied art,
prints and art reproductions
Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organism
Embryology, Early Stages of Embryonic and Fetal Development
Coelomic Cavities
Anatomic Position, Sectional and Directional terms, Surface Anatomy
Skin (Integument)
Hematology and Immunology
Blood Cells and Bone Marrow; Lymphocytes and Immune System
Cardiovascular System, including Portal and Fetal Circulations
Respiratory (Pulmonary) System
Digestive (Gastrointestinal) System
Urinary (Renal) System
Female Reproductive System, Breast, and Placenta
Male Reproductive System
Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Systems
Musculoskeletal System
(Osteology, Arthrololgy, and Skeletal Myology)
Axial Skeleton (Skull and Vertebral Column and Ribs)
Axial Musculature (Head, Neck and Back, and Thorax
Appendicular Skeleton (Girdles and Extremities)
Appendicular Muscles
Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems (Neuroanatomy)
Meninges, Circle of Willis, and Cerebrospinal Fluid
Neurons, Neuroglia, Brain and Brainstem
Cranial Nerves and Spinal Cord
Peripheral Nervous System
Autonomic Nervous System
Optic System
Vestibulocochlear Systems ©