Cells and Tissues
Cells and Tissues

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Cells and Tissues
Organs and Organism
Categories of
Biological Organization
1) molecular = biochemistry
2) cellular = cytology
3) tissues = histology
4) organs = histology/physiology
5) organism = physiology
Organ Systems
1) Integumentary skin (integument) (dermatology)
2) Hematopoietic blood, bone marrow (hematology)
(blood and and spleen, thymus
immune) and lymph nodes
3) Cardiovascular heart and (cardiology)
(circulatory) blood vessels
4) Pulmonary lungs (pulmonology)
5) Gastrointestinal gut (gastroenterology)
hepatic: liver
pancreatic: pancreas
6) Genitourinary kidneys (nephrology)
(includes testes, prostate (urology)
reproductive) ovaries, uterus (gynecology)